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Josephine est de retour à Graz: direction la brasserie française !

Josephine est de retour à Graz: direction la brasserie française !

In Graz: Brasserie Santner, nicely French…

Since more than 6 years living in Graz, dining out has too often been a somewhat disappointing experience for me – in this otherwise very charming and pretty city (and the 2nd largest in Austria, after Vienna).

Until this Tuesday, finally (yes, finally), after hearing quite some great reviews from the past year, since the Brasserie Santner opened its door around 2012, I paid my late visit.

It was a great visit!

Maybe partly because after so many frequent unsatisfying dining experiences here, I didn’t expect too much from the Santner. However, I was surprised from the amuse-bouche to the end (and nice wines too).


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Josephine est de retour ! Avec Steirereck, à Vienne....

Josephine est de retour ! Avec Steirereck, à Vienne….

Steirereck: Cutting-edge Cooking Methods

The restaurant Steiereck had always been on my wish list of visiting, but the renovation during summer delayed my trip till July.

Being the owner of the world’s 9th best restaurant (http://www.theworlds50best.com/list/1-50-winners/steirereck ) in 2013, and the 16th best this year, the chef Heinz Reitbauer is known for his ‘ground-breaking cookery techniques that are now inspiring other chefs around the world’, including cooking freshwater mountain fish char with hot beeswax.


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Josephine aime s

Josephine aime s’envoler…

Due to my job, I fly relatively frequent across continents.

And I love this.

EVERY time, in the air, I have to think how lucky I am to have been able to see these all – to have seen those huge rivers in Russia; snows and fogs over the Alps; massive housing plots in China; crazy roads, woods, and villages in the middle of nowhere; and a thousand kinds of clouds and a thousand shades of blue… As Maugham has put it – beauty is an ecstasy; it is as simple as hunger, like the perfume of a rose: you can smell it and that is all…


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Hong Kong, Josephine a décroché encore une nouvelle lune

Hong Kong, Josephine a décroché encore une nouvelle lune

Congee King, a little Wonder

Let me present you the little jam I newly discovered in HK – a small congee place hidden in a mal(Olympian City II) l on the Kowloon side – the ‘Congee King’, or otherwise called ‘Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop’, or ‘the Trusty Congee King’.

Since 2011, it’s been recommended by the Michelin Guide every year. But, always been suspicious about the little red book, plus no big fun of congee, I didn’t expect much from the Congee King.

Until there’s this new location opened in the shopping mall in my adjacent neighborhood, which is about 10 minutes away to reach on foot from where I stay.


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Hong Kong, Josephine nous a encore trouvé une petite perle !

Hong Kong, Josephine nous a encore trouvé une petite perle !

Tin Heung Lau, the Chinese Bistro in Heaven

Tin Heung Lau, apparently Hong Kong’s top restaurant specializing in Hangzhou cuisine that is unmatched, also one of the oldest known restaurants around, spanning a history of almost 50 years.

Strangely, being a Chinese and grew up there seem to be not enough – the best Hangzhou cuisine I’ve ever had is outside mainland China, in Hong Kong…

When my former colleague, an experience gourmet local HK guy suggested this restaurant, I was like: what? Hangzhou food in HK? Are you kidding?


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Lorsque Josephine s

Lorsque Josephine s’en vient à Hong Kong…

L’une des adresses préférées de Josephine ? l’ Hotel ICON

What about an affordable hotel with a rooftop pool overlooking Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong? I managed to find one in my last trip!

Hotel ICON is located on the Kowloon side, about 5 minutes work to the Hung Hom station, and very close to the Polytechnic University.

I did enjoy my stay there very much. Luckily I had good weather, so was chilling out by the pool all the time, it was fantastic!

Here about the hotel –

A)  Location: Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, a bit off the central touristic spots, but there are shuttle buses every 20 minutes to TST metro station and Harbour city (major shopping centre of HK), so actually very convenient. And the neighbourhood has enough to offer – shops, restaurants, a DFS opposite the hotel etc., and is nicely set away from main tourist flows. B)  Facilities: the hotel opened in 2011, and building is designed by the leading local architect and interior designer. The 3 restaurants – a lobby café, a buffet restaurant and a Chinese restaurant are all very popular, and can be difficult to book at times. However I tried their famous breakfast buffet once, was not bad, but I was not that impressed to be honest. On the other hand, I personally don’t like to eat at buffets.

The pool (and pool bar) with harbour view is on the 9th floor, about 25 – 30m long, heated. The size is reasonable for real swimming, which is great. There’s also a well- equipped gym facing the pool and the harbour, and a SPA. Everything is perfect in this area, very nice changing room and shower with sauna too, providing everything you need from hair dryer to swimming suits.

  • C)  The room: spacious for Hong Kong, nicely decorated, nice bathroom with separated bathtub and shower.
  • D)  The view: the view was OK, for harbour view rooms you still only get part of the harbour, and the building is not so high so you’re view also largely consists of rooftops of surrounding buildings. But for what you pay, this hotel is really more than fine enough.
  • So, highly recommended!


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    Hong Kong, la perle de Josephine...Lin Heung

    Hong Kong, la perle de Josephine…Lin Heung

    Lin Heung, the real and remote Hong Kong

    Yum cha ‐ the southern Chinese style morning or afternoon tea, involves eating Dim Sum (small dishes steamed, fried , or baked sweets) and drinking tea ‐ is one of the most traditional daily activities in Hong Kong, many old people still keep this habit and go to the ‘tea house’ of their neighborhoods, as they’ve been doing for the last decades.

    Lin Heung Tea House is one of the oldest in Hong Kong, before changing its previous name to ‘Lin Heung (‘the scent of lotus’ in Chinese)’ in 1889 (Qing dynasty), it was a cake bakery famously known for its Cantonese‐style moon cake filled with lotus seed.


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    Oh Josephine est parfaite ce matin...

    Oh Josephine est parfaite ce matin…

    Hong Kong: In the Mood for Love

    Opened in 1962, the Goldfinch restaurant is a typical ‘west meets east’ type of mixture of western restaurant and Hong Kong style café, where in the old times the locals went for a western style set meal (a soup, a main course, and a desert), or a few cocktails too.

    Apparently the interior didn’t change since the day it opened its door, this restaurant also got famous from the popular Hong Kong film ‘In the Mood for Love’ of director Wong Kar‐wai, in which the story took place in Hong Kong 1962.


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