Oh Josephine nous délivre un speakeasy à Hong Kong…

Hong Kong, Feathe Boa, door
It’s called Feather Boa – a tiny little place at the end of Staunton Street, soho; private, no sign, not even a 100% fixed open schedule, but can be so full at weekends that you hardly get in. Once an antique store, now with a sense of vintage Europe, this place has got some magic and charm…Honk Kong, feather Boa 3
The drinks here can be quite strong; try their chocolate martini or the infamous strawberry chocolate daiquiri, indulge yourself and get lost in this timeless place…
If they ask for membership card, just hand them your ID card, that usually will do.Hong Kong, Feather boa 1
Price: HKD 80-150 per drink.
Address: Shama Soho, 9-11 Staunton St, Hong Kong
Phone: (00852) 2857 2586
Hong Kong, Feather Boa 2